Choosing the best frames and  lenses for your prescription and lifestyle can be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you through the process of finding that perfect combination of style and function. We work with several labs to provide you with every available lens technology and material.

All of our custom lenses are unique to the wearer and created to best accommodate each individual’s prescription, frame choice, daily activities and sense of style. Although many of these decisions are placed in the hands of an experienced optician, such as lens material and design,  there are a few choices you should consider to enhance your visual experience.


Anti-reflective coating:  as light bounces of the surface of your lenses it creates distracting glare. This is especially noticeable while driving at night and working in front of computers. The anti-reflective coating allows virtually all light to filter through your lenses, resulting in better clarity and sharper, more comfortable vision. It also makes your lenses appear more clear and eliminates flashes in photos. We recommend this for all patients.


Photochromic or Transitions lenses:  these lenses are clear while inside but automatically darken when exposed to sunlight. The molecules that cause the lenses to darken are activated by UV rays in sunlight. These are ideal for consumers who spend a lot of time outside and don’t want the expense or hassle of carrying a 2nd pair of glasses. However, the lenses don’t darken as much while in the car because your windshield blocks most of those UV rays. Transition lenses are also ideal for children, giving them protection from the sun while playing outside.


Polarized lenses: these sunglass lenses virtually eliminate the intense glare reflecting off of surfaces such as water, wet roads or the hood of your car. They make colors appear warmer and vision more comfortable. These are ideal for driving, fishing, water sports, running, hiking and most other outdoor activities. We recommend polarization in all sunglasses.


High Definition lenses: this is the latest in lens technology. These lenses are optimized with computer controlled processing equipment that results in the most precise prescription possible. They are completely customized and correct many of the distortions found in conventional lenses while increasing your field of vision. HD technology is available in many lens styles including single vision, progressive and sunglass lenses. Everyone can benefit from this technology but it is especially beneficial to those with stronger single vision prescriptions and all progressive lens wearers. 

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